Men who inspire me ♂ Тнз ßŗŏМance ㏒

9 Sayg my name out loud when you least expect it This has a very unexpected power! 10 Beg able to cook at least one dish well You don't have to be rippg recipes from the Barefoot Contessa but there's nothg better than wakg up to a simple but delish omelet (Pro tip: Goat cheese improves everythg.) 11 Immediately lovg your pet Even if it's a temperamental cat the fact that he's at least tryg is adorable 12 Tattoos Once aga personal preference but I drool over full tat sleeves on a guy with nice biceps 13 Tippg well Also: Jokg and generally beg a good dude with waiters doormen anyone the service/retail dustry 5 Ability to banter There is nothg worse than beg witty the general direction of a human brick wall This actually makes stantly less attractive :| 6 Physical gentleness durg sex Knowg that a guy is holdg back from beg rough because you don't want to at the moment is really 7 Havg that boy smell that's not necessarily sold a bottle but is just light pheromones Not cologne or anythg tentional Nothg worse than a strong cologne Just normal just-washed clothg plus boy scent is pretty damn appealg 8 Not (obviously at least) noticg any women around us Durg the first few dates if you don't even look away from me when that drunk girl an American Apparel tube dress staggers by my underwear will probably be on the.

Of Buzzfeed HomeSitemap© 2018 BuzzFeed c. 23 Watchg him be credibly efficient at work No matter what the job is seeg someone at the top of their game is always a turn-on 24 When he's nice to your family Yes even your weird uncle who smokes weed and listens to the Allman Brothers the family SUV 25 Not answerg texts when he's with you at least on the first few dates Full attention = respect 26 SUITS Also 27 Givg a pregnant woman or a kid his seat on public transportation 28 Oblivious guy-compliments Not the ones that female would give you which are more observant and detail-oriented but those "You look nice that dress with those thgs on it" types of comments are adorable 17 Puttg on or takg off a tie There's somethg really about this even though I can't really expla it 18 Beg awesome with kids 19 Havg a dog There's somethg so grown-up and settled about it like havg plates and cups that match which very much contrasts those dudes who live their own filth and can barely care for a bong 20 That hand-on-the-girl's-back move they do when you're walkg sometimes Pretty sure they're not even consciously thkg about it but it's really sexy 21 Runng One time my sisters and I were drivg and the entire Prceton men's cross-country team jogged by We slowed down and cruised them like the creepers we are #4lyfe 22 When he's fresh out of the shower Literally can't 1 Rolled-up sleeves Forearms baby Show 'em 2 Beg unaware of their own ness When a person is oblivious to how much they could get laid if they just tried a little harder it's an immediate panty-dropper And aware of it are the worst 3 Five o'clock shadow Personal preference but the light scruff gets me every time Advertisement - Contue Readg Below 4 A nice low voice Not like Barry White or anythg but a rich baritone can make someone's less attractive traits vanish a second I've developed crushes on just voices before The only thg better than a man a kilt is a shirtless man. 29 Ggham shirts Could just be me but daaaaaaaaaaamn 30 Dark jeans that fit well No whiskerg no distressed denim unless you are a popular boy who took a time mache here from 2001 31 Non-sneaker shoes As classy dress shoes for grown men Related:30 Thgs That stantly Make Men Less Follow Anna on Twitter Po Credit: stagram 14 That thg where they tell you that they want to have sex with you with their eyes Okay this is only with people you're datg and not some rando oglg on the street But you know the look — usually it happens a few drks to a date durg a lull conversation Advertisement - Contue Readg Below 15 Holdg a kitten Just carry one around with. Forearms forearms makg a killer breakfast forearms. Happy Sunday funday from Jacob and I😃😼 #fluffybastard #fatorangecat #sundayfunday A post shared by Travis DesLaurier (@travbeachboy) on at 7:20pm PST 16 Accents That one's almost unfair.